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PEWeldBank Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - PEWeldBank

Perform PE pipe welding with the ability to record all data and check for conformity against known values.
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PE Pipe Weld Calculator with Timers and Instructions to perform PE pipe welding with the ability to record all data and check for conformity against known values.

PEWeldBank is available at 3 levels from a basic calculator including step by step welding instructions with countdown timers and alarms to a fully functioning high level data recording system.

This system exceeds the performance of any other data recording system available and does this for a reasonable price.

Compatible with all makes and models of hydraulic PE Pipe Butt Welders, Easy data collection on-site or factory environment, eliminate paper-based reports.

Extensive list of features including:
• Uses your smartphone or tablet
• Fusion Management System (FMS) cloud base management system
• Calculates times and pressures according to multiple standards
• Instructs operator for process
• Each weld report determines if weld has been carried out within pressure and time range
• Real time analogue and digital pressure gauge display
• Heater plate surface temperature recording
• Bluetooth Pressure and Temperature sensors
• Countdown timers for each phase of welding
• Audible and visual prompts and alarms for each phase
• Collects photos for pre and post weld
• Monitors and reports ambient temperature and automatically adjusts cooling times
• Monitors and reports Humidity
• Butt welder library, add any butt welder, include calibration dates
• PE Pipe library, add any size, DR, batch number and manufacturer
• Operator database
• PDF and CSV reports, select from preformatted short and long reports, multiple records per page or individual weld reports
• Insert your company Logo and information on your reports
• Export reports as CSV or excel to other programs
• Multiple GPS location i.e. one as welded and one as relocated
• Notes section for each weld
• Drawing / sketch pad for each weld
• Operator Signature pad for each weld
• Unique weld number created for each weld
• OH&S “Take 5” questionnaire at start of each day
• Individual weld checklist
• Review welds on Tablet, Smartphone or FMS
• Pressure versus time graph for each weld with zoom feature
• Option to report or delete information for cancelled welds








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iPhone, iPad

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