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Photosets - Wide Color Discovery Motion Photos Cam Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Photosets - Wide Color Discovery Motion Photos Cam

Wide Color Discovery Photos & Videos!

Deze giveaway is verlopen. Photosets - Wide Color Discovery Motion Photos Cam is nu beschikbaar op de normale manier.

Update for Monday, February 13th: Late-yesterday, as promised, we submitted v2.8.5 to Apple App Review ... it includes one new (very cool) feature, which we call Full Res Capture ... its an enhancement to Photosets' in-app Motion Photography Camera, and is ONLY available if you have an iPhone 7 Plus AND you've purchased the Remove Watermark IAP ... specifically, once v2.8.5 is approved, and you meet the requirements, you'll then have two options for controlling each Burst capture run: either 30 photos per Burst at 12 Mpx per photo, OR 45 photos per Burst at 8 Mpx per photo ... there are Pros & Cons with each, so having both options available is extremely important ! ... and, it works with both the Wide Angle & Telephoto lenses of the iPhone 7 Plus ! ... by comparison, v2.8.4 captures ALL motion photos at 8 Mpx ... note that 30 photos per Burst at 12 Mpx per photo is the exact same (spec) as leading Action Cameras, costing $500 USD or more !

Photosets - Wide Color Discovery Photos & Videos (v2.8.5)

● Up-to 45 photos (captured) per Burst.
● Up-to 30 photos (captured) per second.
● Each photo is captured at a resolution of 8 Mpx.
● Supports Wide Color Capture on the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and 9.7" iPad Pro.
● Each Burst capture represents a unique motion photoset, and is stored in it's own sub-directory.
● Custom Playback Controller with custom Editor.
● Select up-to five motion photos from any motion photoset, to Share and/or Export as a Group.
● Automatically generates a companion video from the full motion photoset, and adds that to the Group.
● Best-in-class AirDrop support, both app-to-app, as well as app-to-Mac and back.
● A best-fit for the nine Apple mobile devices with 2GB or more of DRAM.
● An ideal-fit for the iPhone 7 Plus, with custom support for both the wide angle & telephoto lenses !
● Has NO direct competition; Apple's Live Photos is the closest, but its NOT in the same ballpark.
● v1.0 approved June 10, 2015; 21 app updates since then, some extremely comprehensive !

"Tips" on how to get the most out of Photosets:

1.) Settings - Before using Photosets for the first time, we highly recommend you briefly scan the Photosets section of your Settings app ... by doing so, you'll gain valuable Insight into how Photosets is structured, as well as into the various Camera & Video Maker options you have access to.

2.) The Camera - Photosets' in-app camera is very straight-forward, except perhaps for two things ... first, to achieve the maximum number of photos captured per Burst, you'll normally need to run a few back-to-back capture runs to warm-up your Apple mobile device for high-performance camera capture ... with the iPhone 7 Plus, this isn't always necessary, as the extra 1GB of DRAM helps alot, but with the other devices, you'll normally need to do so ... second, Photosets always captures 8-bit sRGB or 8-bit Display P3 data from the Image Signal Processor ... as such, the statistics displayed for flash memory write performance will generally be very similar for both.

3.) The Editor #1 - Photosets has an extremely cool Editor feature ... you can select up-to five of your favorite motion photos from any motion photoset, and Share and/or Export them as a group, AND you don't need to make the selections as the same time that you Share and/or Export ... at the Editor's Playback Controller, hit Edit (top right), and then, using the Star, Apply and Save buttons (in that order), select up-to five of your favorite motion photos (you do need to use all three buttons for each motion photo you intend to select as a favorite) ... Photosets will "tag" each of your favorite photos in the Metadata EXIF User Comment field with either a pMIP or sMIP, which stands for primary & secondary Most Important Photo (MIP), respectively ... when you (later) want to Share and/or Export, Photosets' will then use those "tags" to select which photos to send out (along with the auto-generated companion video, from the full motion photoset).




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