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Puzzles & ELF™:Epic War OF UGC Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Puzzles & ELF™:Epic War OF UGC

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Players can feel the great glory of myth and human ancestors along the plot line.

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Game Description:
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【Story plot】: it takes place in the garden of Eden. After Adam and Eve tried forbidden fruit and had wisdom, they were driven out of the garden of Eden by God and entered into the difficult “Puzzles & ELF” life. They met all kinds of adventures, and all kinds of elves helped them out of the predicament. This garden of Eden is the only home of human beings - the earth!

【Game highlights】: players can feel the great glory of myth and human ancestors along the plot line. UGC can collect all kinds of elves, take interesting photos and short videos with elves in reality, share social media, and have unlimited creativity. Using the battle method of 1v1 wheel battle, the elves in the game have various skills, and various attributes have different restraint relations. And with realistic weather "storm lightning" system.

【Game controls】: login the game will have four initial genie, enter the level of combat preparation, you can adjust the position strategy, against the different levels of configuration genie. By eliminating accumulated skill points and releasing skills to trigger battles, each sprite can be upgraded and corresponding to 6 basic attributes. After winning the battle, you can enter UGC to capture pets. Pets have text dialogue. You can use the level to capture the fallen elf eggs. The probability of each type of ELF egg capture is different, which requires players to experience. When catching leisure, you can share it with the spirit. Welcome to this different "Puzzles & ELF" world, experience different game experience, with dream "WGames Studio" production, hope the game get everyone's love, support and comments, with your support, we will do better, thank you! 


Jianyong Kong






222.96 MB






iPhone, iPad

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