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Quiver Hunt Tracking App Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Quiver Hunt Tracking App

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Tracking your deer hunts while hunting has never been easier.

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Tracking your deer hunts while hunting has never been easier. Easily log activity while you’re out hunting to pattern when and where deer are moving so that you can hunt smarter. Tracking deer movement helps to better understand when the rut is heating up in your area.

Weather data that hunters care about. The Quiver Hunt Tracking App provides you up-to-date wind direction and speed, barometric pressure, sunrise / sunset times and moon phases for all your hunting locations.

Track key events from the stand in just a few taps
- Log when you see a deer or turkeys in order to track where and when things are moving
- Snap photos to capture specific events during the hunt
- Add custom field notes to remember important events during your hunt
- Mark when a shot was taken so that you can reference that specific point in time
- Tag when that big buck or that old gobbler hits the ground!

Location specific weather tracking so that you can map key weather patterns to deer activity in the stand
- Current weather conditions
- Temperature
- Sunrise and sunset times
- Wind speed and direction
- Moon phases
- Barometric pressure and pressure trends

- All your hunting locations are kept private. We will never share your hunting spots with other users.


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iPhone, iPad

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