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Radio Wave Sync Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Radio Wave Sync

Receive radio waves from time signal station.
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Radio Wave Sync
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I have a Casio G-Series radio watch, but it is always unable to receive radio waves from time signal station, so I started to write an application to solve this problem.

After some research, I finally wrote this application, which can perfectly simulate the timing signal and happily calibrate the time.

Usage method:
1. Adjust the volume of iPhone / iPad to the maximum.
2. Switch the radio controlled watch / clock to manual wave receiving mode.
3. Click the "start" button.
4. Place the watch / clock near the iPhone / iPad speakers.
5. The synchronization process generally takes 3-10 minutes, please wait patiently.

Matters needing attention:
1. Please try to use the software in a quiet environment to avoid signal interference.
2. The volume of the mobile phone must be adjusted to the maximum. It's too small and the effect is not good.

1. Supports simulation of all types of Time Wave Signal:
* China BPC
* Japan JJY40 / JJY60
* Germany DCF77
* British MSF
2. The unique "Beast Mode" provides higher frequency simulation signals and faster sync.

Contact information:
Please contact me if you have any use questions
*QQ: 3364918353


Ning Jin






30.56 MB




English, Chinese, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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