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Sports Audio DJ Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Sports Audio DJ

Gives you the simple and intuitive tools you need to strike right mood for the game in the moment with music and sounds.
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Sports Audio DJ
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Sports Audio DJ gives you the simple and intuitive tools you need to strike right mood for the game in the moment with music and sounds.  Want to rock the house, celebrate a goal, pump up the team warm up or underscore a key moment - you're the DJ.

Bring a professional level of sound production to the game with Fade In and Fade Out controls to end hard stops and starts.  Set specific Start and Stop times in a song to skip a slow intro or launch right into the moment a song kicks into gear.

You can now access any song you can think of with support for Apple Music subscriptions and Spotify Premium accounts. You can either stream their songs or download them to your device for better performance.

In the Pro Version (via In-App purchase): With the ability to load an unlimited number of songs and sounds you can choose the right sounds for any moment in the game.  Additionally, you can group your sounds any way you like with support for an unlimited number of groups to make the sounds easy to find.

You can easily achieve the right emotion for the moment using these music playback customization features:

- Fade In and Fade Out
- Sub-Second Start and Stop points (Pro Version only)*
- Sound Looping
- Sound Overlay and Crossfade
- Individual sound volume levels
- Three customizable tap actions to Start and Stop a song
- Import songs and sounds from iTunes, Files and the iOS Share button
- Supports Apple Music subscriptions - streaming or downloaded music**
- Supports Spotify Premium - streaming or downloaded music**
- Unlimited number of songs and sounds to take to the game (Pro Version only)*
- Unlimited Sound Groups for organizing your songs and sounds (Pro Version only)*
- Copy and Move sounds between Groups
- Create an automated a playlist with Play Next Sound
- Supports playback of M4A (Apple), M4R (Ringtone), MP3 and WAV audio file formats
- Fully supports iPhone X Series and 3rd Gen iPad Pros

* Free vs Pro Version Functionality:
Free: Limited to having 3 Song Groups
Pro: Use an Unlimited amount of Song Groups
Free: Limited to loading 10 songs per Song Group
Pro: Load an Unlimited number of songs
Free: Does not allow sub-second song Start/Stop timing
Pro: Supports sub-second song Start/Stop timing accuracy
Free: Will not receive forth coming new features
Pro: Will get all the new cool stuff

** Apple Music and Spotify Premium Subscription important notes:
For details on the limitations of using streaming music services, see our FAQ web page:


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