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Teach Monster Number Skills Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Teach Monster Number Skills

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Teach Your Monster Number Skills is a kids learning game.
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Teach Monster Number Skills
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From the Usborne Foundation and the team behind the award-winning Teach Your Monster to Read comes Teach Your Monster Number Skills, a new math learning game all about boosting kids' confidence with numbers and making math fun.

Teach Your Monster Number Skills is a kids learning game developed with renowned early years mathematics expert Bernie Westacott in consultation with Dr Helen J. Williams, and Dr Sue Gifford, to help children practice the skills needed to develop their number sense.

Aligned with the Pre-K curriculum, Teach Your Monster Number Skills reinforces critical number skills, from splitting numbers in useful ways using number bonds to 10, to the fundamentals of recognizing adding, subtracting and counting and recognising number quantities. The more kids play with these core concepts, the better their number sense becomes - giving them a solid foundation for math success in school and later life.

The game covers early year requirements for mathematics across the world. Focusing on numbers up to 10, the game consists of 8 mini math games which children can play as they explore. Each game currently has 5 levels, making a total of 40 levels of fun.

Meet Queenie Bee and her friends as you explore the park, customize your monster and collect prizes for your Prize Palace. From dodgems to bouncy castles, fun-filled games offer exciting, new ways to practice number skills again and again. Hang on tight, the learning fun through play never stops in the Number Park!

Why Teach Your Monster Number Skills?

It’s designed for children between 3 to 6+ who find value in using games to practice and reinforce key number skills
Helps kids develop a strong foundation in numbers and math
The pace of play is tailored to each child and moves only when the child has mastered the concept they are practicing
Confident children can fast track to the level best suited to them while ensuring any gaps in their knowledge are covered
Kids have fun practicing numbers, while each mini-game makes math practice enjoyable and exciting
Curriculum alignment means that kids can put classroom learnings into practice

What does Teach Your Monster Number Skills cover?

Counting — including a complex array of concepts such as stable order, 1-2-1 correspondence and cardinality

Subitizing — the ability to recognise quantities without counting

Number bonds — including the composition of each number up to 10 and how to use them to split up and recombine numbers in useful ways

Addition and subtraction — building on their work with number bonds allows children to develop fluency with the fundamentals of addition and subtraction

Ordinality and magnitude — including knowing numbers in the right order; knowing where they are in relation to key points such as 0, 5, and 10; and knowing that numbers increase or decrease as they move up and down

Manipulatives — the game uses teaching objects known as manipulatives to represent number problems in lots of different ways including fingers, five frames, ten frames and dice patterns

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We’re Teach Your Monster - a non-profit that creates magical, fun-filled learning games for kids.

With the help of friendly monsters, playful design and out-of-this-world storytelling, we work with leading academics to create beautifully crafted games kids love to play.

Trusted by teachers and parents, our innovative products aim to engage even the most reluctant of learners.

Teach Your Monster Number Skills works with The Usborne Foundation — a charity set up by Peter Usborne CBE of Usborne Publishing, to support early years learning. We believe every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential in early years and beyond.


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