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The Audio Toolbox Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - The Audio Toolbox

The Audio Toolbox contains eight powerful functions, designed to help Live Sound Engineers.
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The Audio Toolbox
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The Audio Toolbox contains eight powerful functions, designed to help Live Sound Engineers:

QLab Control:
The Audio Toolbox searches the current WiFi Network for any computers running QLab. Once the QLab workspace is discovered you can perform basic transport controls on the workspace, such as start, stop and select cues. This has been made possible by the wonderful team at Figure 53, who have open sourced their OSC API, so thank you Figure 53.

MIDI Tester:
The MIDI Tester works in conjunction with any Made For iPhone compatible MIDI Interface, as well as Network and Bluetooth MIDI. It displays all the MIDI received into the phone, and is designed to help when fault finding any connectivity issues. As well as reading all standard MIDI messages, the MIDI Tester also reads all MIDI Show Control commands!

MIDI Pad provides six customisable buttons, which can be configured to send standard MIDI messages to the MIDI Output of the phone. MIDI Pad works either wirelessly, over Bluetooth or WiFi, or via any connected MIDI Interface. You can use the MIDI Pad to trigger cues in QLab, add Macros to your DiGiCo or fire samples in Ableton Live.

Delay Time Calculator
Work out the delay times for all your loudspeakers. Just input a distance in either meters or feet and it will give you a time in milliseconds. You can even adjust the results based on the ambient temperature.

Time Calculator:
Time Calculator allows you to add, subtract, multiply or divide times together. Unlike any other app we can find on the App Store, Time Calculator can calculate time in milliseconds. Work with video? Time Calculator also works in video frames, supporting eight different frame rates. If you need to translate time between video frames and milliseconds, Time Calculator can do that too.

Angle Recorder:
Ever got into work to discover some of your speakers have been accidentally knocked? You can now record the angles of as many speakers as you like in one handy list. Want to check if any of them have moved? just click on an angle, hold the phone up to the speaker and the app will compare the results. The screen will go green and the phone will beep when you are all matched up.

RF Toolbox:
With RF Toolbox you can record all your transmitter information, including actor, character, frequency and gain information, in one place. You can record notes on each of your transmitters, for things like fitting and colouring information. Results are searchable by any of the recorded data. When you input frequency information, RF Toolbox will calculate the optimum aerial length, as well as the transmission channel.

Finally, for fine tuning your delay times, The Audio Toolbox includes a built in click sound! The click will loop for as long as you like, and interacts with the audio controls on the rest of the phone, so you can pause it from the lock screen.


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