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Tody Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Tody

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Tody is a specialized To-Do List for managing household cleaning routines.
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Tody is a specialized To-Do List for managing household cleaning routines.
Celebrating the complete redesign, Tody will be FREE until May 20th!

・ Use Tody to optimize cleaning by performing task with the necessary frequency.
Different cleaning jobs require different optimum frequencies;
Tody takes this into account and makes a smarter to-do list for your cleaning.

・ Gain flexibility by managing cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need rather than arbitrary dates.

・ Tody visualizes dirtiness to motivate cleaning and visualizes the effect of cleaning to enhance satisfaction.

・ There are no deadlines, alarms and notifications. Tody puts you in control of your cleaning routines instead of cleaning routines controlling you. (Well, after numerous request, having gentle reminders is now an option)

・ Enjoy an extremely easy and intuitive set up of a customized cleaning plan.


Peter Drejer






11.47 MB




Danish, English, German, Japanese


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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