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TomatoList: Pomodoro Technique Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - TomatoList: Pomodoro Technique

If you want to put down your phone and develop the habit of focusing on work and loving life, TomatoList is your choice.
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If you want to put down your phone and develop the habit of focusing on work and loving life, TomatoList is your best choice.

Whether you are in the library, office or at home, you can fill in the things you want to do in TomatoList's to-do list. When you want to focus on work or study, you can turn on the Pomodoro Clock and enter Your focus time. If you can't help the temptation to leave this app during this time period, your Pomodoro will be interrupted.

In order to get the sense of accomplishment when completing the Pomodoro, and to implement the sense of responsibility of doing one thing to the end, please stick to it after the Pomodoro is turned on.

Every day you will add new to-do events, every time you start the Pomodoro clock, every time you complete a Pomodoro, and every time you tick to complete a task, you will let the attitude of focusing on life take root in your heart. Each of your dedicated records or even interrupted records will be added to the statistics. View and analyze these records, analyze and adjust them according to them, you will become a more focused and efficient person.

【Elegant and full of ritual】
Unlike similar apps that start with a click, TomatoList opens the Pomodoro by swiping to the right. This way you can avoid accidental touches. Coupled with different types of lossless white noise and colorful background pictures, you will know , The next step is a moment of concentration for full dedication!

【iCloud data synchronization】
TomatoList not only focuses on powerful application functions, but also attaches importance to protecting users' information privacy. No need to register an account. With the help of iCloud's powerful and stable functions, your data security can be guaranteed. No one can snoop on your information except yourself.

【Keep focus】
During the period when the Pomodoro is on, if you can’t resist the temptation to leave the app during this time, your Pomodoro will be interrupted, and a bad Pomodoro indicating the interruption will be left in your record, because at this time, your phone is just a Pomodoro clock.

【Recap history】
Review your Pomodoro clock records according to the three-dimensional time interval of week, month, and year. You can check the number of Pomodoros, total time and the number of tasks completed to know your study and work status in a period of time, the most important point is that you can view the number of interruptions and the reasons to eliminate factors that will disturb your concentration in the future. All this is to help you develop a more focused and efficient habit.

【Easy to use】
There are a large number of sophisticated Pomodoro applications on the market. Although they are powerful, they are always at a loss when they are used at first, and people don't know where to start.
TomatoList was written by the author in order to simplify the use process of the Pomodoro Technique so that users can fully enjoy the efficiency brought by the Pomodoro Technique. The user interface is simple and elegant, all operations start from intuition, zero learning cost, easy to use.

Thank you everyone for using it. If this application is helpful to you, I feel extremely honored and happy. In order to give back to everyone's love, I hope you can comment and suggest more, which will affect the subsequent development direction of TomatoList.


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