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TradeMade, Trade & Barter 2020 Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - TradeMade, Trade & Barter 2020

Join the barter community and trade items & services, in any combination.

Deze giveaway is verlopen. TradeMade, Trade & Barter 2020 is nu beschikbaar op de normale manier.

TradeMade is an easy and fun way to SAVE MONEY and THE PLANET. Join the barter community and trade items & services, in any combination.

One person's trash is another person's treasure! The age-old maxim is true!

TradeMade offers a way for you to get value out of your stuff and your many talents, all the while saving money and reducing waste. You’ll also have fun searching, making deals, and will likely meet a few awesome people along the way!


1. PEOPLE WANT YOUR STUFF – Get what you need quickly and easily. Trade anything from headphones, a shirt and wine bottle for a yoga lesson, to a chair and sunglasses for a desk and an hour of pet care.

2. SIMPLE UPLOAD – Upload an item by simply snapping a photo and writing a short description.

3. HELPFUL FILTERS – You can filter by distance, category, Facebook Friends, and even by what others want in your local area, so this way you can get tradin' fast.

4. TRADE & COUNTER – Our app makes it easy to trade in any combination of goods; plus, you can seamlessly accept, reject or counter trades for the perfect match. It's seriously fun.

5. CARBON SAVINGS POINTS – We've collaborated with professors and professionals in the fields of climatology and conscious consumption, and have found the average carbon footprints of a number of everyday items. So, since you're not buying new and still getting your good, you can think of this as a carbon savings. The more you trade, the more you save! You'll be able to see your carbon savings points in real-time, and become a steward of the Earth.

6. USE REVIEWS FOR SAFETY – To cultivate a safe trading environment, every user is nudged to review one another after a trade is made. This way, if someone's acting unfavorably, you'll know about it.

7. CHAT IN APP – Once a trade is made, you can chat within the app and figure out where to meet up.

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