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Viking Tales: Mystery Of Black Rock Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Viking Tales: Mystery Of Black Rock

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O-DIN! Strap on your horned helmet and sail to glory!

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O-DIN! Strap on your horned helmet and sail to glory! Sink enemy ships, plunder coastal villages and grab loot as you solve the Mystery of the Black Rock. Viking Tales features hours of gameplay, with a medal system that rewards you for replaying a mission until you get it just right. The characters and storyline will have you coming back again and again.


- 25 story line levels amongst the fjords and islands.
- Practice your rowing, loot-gathering, and combat skills under the watchful eye of master warrior Gunni Gunnison.
- Save drowning Vikings, fish for herrings, row like the wind, punish poachers, and more.
- And yes - loot, plunder and sink! Remember you're a Viking!
- Win awards for your Viking skills!
- Simple controls - just swipe to row. You can row faster than the wind!
- Vivid cartoon graphics and animation.
- In-game store with power-ups for your longship. Choose wisely!

High re-playability:

- Win medals to get more gold - and what Viking doesn't want more gold?
- Win enough gold to trick out your dragon-ship in style!
- Choose longship upgrades to suit any style of play.


Ailove LLC






38.77 MB




English, Russian


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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