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Weevz Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Weevz

Can U defeat the challenge?

This giveaway offer has expired. Weevz is now available on the regular basis.

Can U defeat the challenge? While manipulating your own circle using taps, avoid the colored circles and hit the black ones. All this U attempt 2 do while simultaneously trying 2 weev back and forth. Miss a weave and U lose. Hit a colored circle or miss a black circle and U lose. All of this takes place in an endless side-scrolling game. Can U overcome the challenge? U can only find out in Weevz, one of the newest App Store apps.

Simple complexity. In Weevz, these two words can exist in perfect unity. Its detailed sketch graphics merge with modern, concise circles, creating a unique gameplay similar 2 none other on the App Store. Weevz’ revolutionary gesture-controlled homescreen and app interface takes gestures beyond only the game itself. Its interface has infused Apple's powerful gesture recognizers into nearly every element, allowing almost all manipulations 2 be done either by a swipe, tap, press-and-hold, or double tap. And with its upbeat, lively background music, complementing its clean, concise gradients, Weevz is an opportunity U will not want 2 miss. If all this were not enough, Weevz also integrates Apple’s Game Center, bringing leaderboards so U are not only able 2 observe how others are doing, but U are also able 2 enjoy the opportunity 2 share your scores even across the world.

Weevz is a revolutionary app in the App Store, not only setting a new standard 4 fun but also 4 originality. We hope you will enjoy this opportunity 2 partake in our app. Weevz. Can U defeat the challenge?


Zachary Beck






38.46 MB






iPhone, iPad

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