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Whink Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Whink

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Chosen as one of the “App Store Best of 2015” “Whink’s beautiful interface and intuitive design makes note-taking lots of fun.
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Chosen as one of the “App Store Best of 2015”
“Whink’s beautiful interface and intuitive design makes note-taking lots of fun.” - Apple

Whink is a refreshingly simple yet full-featured note taking app for your iPhone and iPad. Handwrite or type notes, markup PDFs, record audio, draw shapes, add photos/ post-its, create lists and memos, sketch ideas, share your notebooks and more.

***Write Naturally***
• Handwrite and sketch on Whink as if you’re using a real pen and paper.
• Write smoothly using our stunning gel ink pen with unlimited colors.
• Zoom into your notes to write in and see the tiniest details.

***Type Quickly***
• Tap anywhere on the page to start typing notes.
• A wide range of tastefully chosen typography is readily available.
• Quickly format typewritten notes into headings, sub-headings and more.
• Create lists and outlines with bullets, numbering and even checklists.

***Annotate PDFS & Photos***
• Import PDFs using Open-In from other apps such as Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
• Markup lecture notes, meeting agendas, memos without accidentally marking the page.
• Fill up forms, sign, send and print contracts straight from your iPad.
• Quickly sort and navigate through your documents.
• Insert, rearrange and annotate photos to your notes as well.

***Add Audio Recordings***
• Record lectures and meetings while taking notes and play them back anytime.
• Sort, arrange and keep your voice recordings right next to your notes.
• Insert voice recordings in your PDF files.

***Add Shapes and Post-its***
• Sketch and add/edit auto-shapes to your notes.
• Add and rearrange post-its on your notes and documents.
• Quickly search relevant notes by adding tags and labelling them.

***Organize, Share & Backup Your Notes***
• Quickly group documents and arrange notes adding sections and pages.
• Insert PDF documents inside a notebook anytime.
• Open your notebooks in other app using Open-In
• Share notes via email, Dropbox and more
• Automatically sync and backup your notes via iCloud.
• Quickly find and open notebooks directly from iOS spotlight search

Whink users will be treated to a stunning walkthrough, followed by a fun 'Getting Started' guide and in-app tips making it fun and easy to use. We hope you enjoy using Whink --- let us know what you think!

Website: www.whinkapp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/whinkapp
Twitter: @whinkapp


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19.91 MB




English, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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