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Glitch Clip Maker: Video VJ Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Glitch Clip Maker: Video VJ

Select short video clips and start remixing.
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Glitch Clip Maker: Video VJ
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1 / Select short video clips and start remixing it. Add effects (kaleidoscope, mosaic, twist and more) and glitch things!

2 / Switch from one clip to another really fast, it's made for live performances. You can also import your own clips.

3 / Explore generative art, fine tune your effect stack to make artsy videos you can then share with your friends!

4 / Connect a keyboard or a MIDI controller to the app. From here everything is possible: play live from your controller or synchronize your DAW.

Glitch Clip is made for video DJing (VJing) but feel free to have fun and use it your own way!


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iPhone, iPad

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