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SmartBMS Utility Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - SmartBMS Utility

This open-source App is designed to work with Xiaoxiang Smart BMS.
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SmartBMS Utility
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-- Warning for LionTron users: Do not use the charging and discharging button, it will cause it to get stuck in the off state! If you live near Berlin, Germany and are willing to lend me your LionTron battery to allow me to investigate this please hit me up at --

This open-source App is designed to work with Xiaoxiang Smart BMS. The BMS offers a lot of functionality, like displaying current, cellvoltages and a lot of safety related information.
This app was made to work with the Xiaoxiang Smart Battery management system.

* Display pack state of charge, cell voltages, current, remaining charge and runtime, temperatures and more!
* Disabling discharging or charging functionality of your battery
* Configure safety relevant parameters of your BMS
* Cell over- and undervoltage
* Over- and undertemperature
* Charge and discharge overcurrent protection
* And way more!
* GPS features to allow use with your Smart BMS powered electric vehicle
* Calculate remaining range and efficiency in Wh per km/mile
* Travelled distance
* Top speed
* Rename your devices to tell them apart (swipe to the left on a device at the startpage)
* Rename temperaturesensors* Auto connect
* °C/°F and km/mile support
* Support for MacOS* Logging bms data
* Demo device

If you have any issues using this app, please make sure to create an issue on my GitHub page (
You may also ask for feature request that i can implement to improve this app.

To-Do's for this app:
* Test more hardware
* More languages
* iOS 14 Widget
* Log GPS data
* Display signal strength in device overview

Please support this free app by becoming a GitHub sponsor, Paypal donator or a free testflight beta-tester.


Justin Kuehner






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iPhone, iPad

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